Client:    BUICK

Title:      "Small SUV, Big Space"

Agency:  McCann Canada

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 1.45.22 AM.png

Title:      "Abhorrent"

Walters_30-1_nov15-EOD-Editors cut.01_00

Client:   Walters

Title:     "Holiday Craft Caesar Mix"

Prod Co : Orbiter


Client:    Cadillac

Title:      "Elevation of Expectation"

Agency:  Leo Burnett Detroit


Client:    Nike

Title:      "Festival"

Agency:  Bensimon Byrne

Client:    Dementia Network

Title:      "Forgetting the Past"

Prod co:  Someplace Nice

Client:   Prince Edward County

Title:     "Progress Redefined"

Agency: BBDO

Client:    Nescafe Gold

Title:     "Surprise Yourself"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:   TD Canada Trust

Title:     Iskwé "Music Matters"
Agency: Diamond

Clairmont-60-Dec 10-Directors-CONFORM-al

Client:    TD Canada Trust

Title:      Clairmont the Second

Agency: Diamond

Client:    TD Canada Trust

Title:      "Macy Gray & Music"

Agency:  Diamond

Waterkeepers-Swim Drink Fish.00_00_02_19

Client:    Swim Drink Fish

Title:     "Water Keepers"

Prod.Co: Someplace Nice

Client:   Toyota Prius Prime

Title:     "Plug In"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Client:    Haagen Daz

Title:     "Spirit Introduction"

Agency:  OneMethod

Client:    TTC

Title:      "Silent Night"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:    Nike Air

Title:      "AIR CITY"

Agency:  Bensimon Byrne

Client:    Rogers Ignite

Title:      "Need for Speed"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:   Rogers

Title:     "Back to School"

Agency: Publicis

Client:    TD Canada Trust

Title:     "Super Fan"

Agency:  Diamond

Client:    Ontario Medical Assoc.

Title:      "Putting Patients First"                                   Ottawa

Agency:  Dot Dot Dash

Client:    OneMethGoods

Title:      "Roll with Me" -Teaser

Agency:  OneMethod

JOE STONE - Nothing Else_Full Video.00_0

Client:    Joe Stone

Title:      "Nothing Else"

Label:  Spinnin' Records (Amsterdam)

The Abrams-Good ol Days - MASTER.01_00_1

Client:    The Abrams

Title:      "The Good Old Days"

Label:     Warner Music Canada

LIZA-HERE TO STAY.00_01_17_17.Still001.j

Client:    LIZA

Title:      "Here to Stay"

Producer: CVRE


Client:    Rogers

Title:      "Helping Fans be Fans"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:    Spin Master

Title:      "Doctor Dreadful"

Agency:  Spin Master

Hill Street-Surgery_This is serious-25.m

Client:    Hill Street Brewery

Title:      "Surgery" Alcohol Free

Agency:  Brandfire

Home Depot-OLV 3 Chef_s

Client:    Home Depot

Title:      "Chef's Special"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:    Home Hardware

Title:      "Colours" Comdey

Agency:  John St

ENG - 30 - Storyboard

Client:    NBNU

Title:      "I want to Fly"

Prod Co: Hemmings House

Client:    Plan Canada

Title:      "Period"

Agency: Bleu Blanc Rouge

Society of Beer Drinking Ladies-4th BDay

Client:    SOBDL

Title:      "Junction Brewery"

Prod Co: Craftship Media


Client:    Red Lobster

Title:      "Lobster Fest Words"

Agency:  Publicis

Canada Post_NHL Stamps 15E.00_00_12_01.S

Client:    Canada Post

Title:      "NHL Stamps"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:   Tangerine - Pitch Video

Title:      "Fan Forward"

Agency:  One Meth


Client:    Nestle Pure Life

Title:      "Proud to be a Mom"

Agency:  Bensimon Byrne

Home Depot-OLV 2 Movie

Client:    Home Depot

Title:      "Movie Night"

Agency:  Publicis

Canada Post_NHL Stamps 15E.00_00_26_12.S

Client:    Chrysler

Title:      "Carpe Fiat"

Agency:  Publicis


Client:   Hagen Haaz

Title:      "Flavour Showcase"

Agency:  Bensimon Byrne

Home Depot-OLV 1 Salsa

Client:    Home Depot

Title:      "Salsa Queen"

Agency:  Publicis

Client:    Home Hardware

Title:      "Colours"

Agency:  John St


Client:    Johnstone Woodworking

Title:      "Wood work"

Prod Co: Craftship Media


Client:    S Wainsteim

Title:      "Lifters"

Prod Co: Living Monolith


Client:    OLG

Title:      "Dragonboat"

Agency:  Publicis

Paw Patrol 30 -

Client:    Paw Patrol

Title:      "Parade"

Agency:  Spin Master

Client:    Rogers

Title:      "Taboggan"

Agency: Publicis

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 1.43.33 PM.png

Client:    Home Depot

Title:      "Appliance"

Agency: Publicis

Society of Beer Drinking Ladies -CONFORM

Client:    SOBDL

Title:      "Brunswick Brewery"

Prod Co: Craftship Media


Client:    BEAUZ

Title:      "Feel the Light"

Label:  Spinnin' Records (Amsterdam)


Client:    Red Lobster

Title:      "Chips"

Agency:  Publicis

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