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Client:   Tangerine - PITCH VIDEO

Title:      "In This"

Agency: Bensimon Byrne

Client:   Tangerine - PITCH VIDEO
Title:      "Fan Forward"
Agency:  One Meth

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Client:    Noble Vines - SIZZLE

Title:      "In Good Company"

JOE STONE - Nothing Else_Full Video.00_0

Client:    Joe Stone

Title:      "Nothing Else"

Label:  Spinnin' Records (Amsterdam)


Client:    S Wainsteim
Title:      "Lifters - Teaser"
Prod Co: Living Monolith


Client:    Cadillac

Title:      "Elevation of Expectation"

Agency:  Leo Burnett Detroit

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Client:    Noble Vines - SIZZLE

Title:      "Noble Effect"


Client:    Nike

Title:      "Festival"

Agency:  Bensimon Byrne

Client:    OneMethGoods

Title:      "Roll with Me" -Teaser

Agency:  OneMethod

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